Vertex with glass sides

Vertex glass drawer

Meet the new Vertex drawer with glass sides. Great for today’s kitchen, update the space with new materials and enjoy a more modern look in your kitchen. Enjoy this great drawer with slim and straight lines and as always with the best performance. The new line of Vertex drawers with glass sides is available in anthracite gray finish, in different drawer heights and in 450 and 500 mm depth.
Vertex vidrio cajon
The drawer offers great stability and smooth sliding thanks to its three telescopic slides, its load capacity of 40 kg and its soft closing.
  • Sides of resistant glass with a thickness of 6 mm.
  • The sides with glass are already assembled, they are part of the drawer rib itself.
  • The glass sides used in the drawer are tempered, thus offering more safety for the assembler and the end user.
  • Transparent glass easy to clean with any product.
  • Available in three drawer heights: 93, 131 and 178 mm.
With the glass sides you will get a more complete view of the inside of the drawer obtaining a more rejuvenating and modern look. Its assembly is very easy and simple since it is not necessary to carry out any type of previous machining, also it is not necessary to carry out any assembly of the glass side since this forms part of the rib of the drawer which is already assembled. In addition, the horizontal and vertical border adjustment can be accessed from inside the drawer.

Vertex Push Sincro Drawer

New Vertex Push Synchro drawers with full-extension slides provide smooth and silent sliding with a push-to-eject system that simplifies drawer fronts by eliminating the need for handles. This drawer has a load capacity of up to 40 kg. In addition, it should be noted its smooth and silent sliding.
cajon vertex push sincro
It is available in kit format with all the necessary hardware for assembly, ideal for any area of your home, kitchen, bathroom, office. The drawer is available in white or anthracite gray painted finish, in different rib heights: 93, 131 and 178 mm with various drawer depths. It is recommended to use the synchronizing rod (not included in the kit) for the assembly of drawers wider than 600 mm, thus guaranteeing the simultaneous opening of the slides and a correct operation, allowing the opening of the drawer by pressing the front from any point of the drawer.

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