Furniture legs by Emuca: 7 reasons to start using them

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Furniture are essential elements in your home. They offer functionality to spaces, define them, decorate them and make them welcoming. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a home area without them. With furniture legs by Emuca, you can take that concept to the next level.  And it is that within the different types of furniture, we could notice that some are supported directly on the floor and others are suspended by legs. However, the trend is increasingly towards the use of the legs, even in a hidden way for greater discretion.  Which of the two options gives you more advantages? We look for the best choice for your home furniture in this article 

Furniture legs: 7 reasons to choose them 

At Emuca we list the 7 reasons why you should use furniture legs without a doubt. 
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Cleaning  Furniture legs, short or long, support most of the weight of the furniture. Thus, a separation from the floor is generated that allows optimal cleaning, in many cases without the need to move it.  In addition, as it does not require moving it, the chances of leaving marks on the floor are reduced.  On the other hand, by cleaning the area near the furniture and being elevated, contact with products that can spoil the finish of the lower areas is avoided. Furniture legs protect and save a lot of time. 


By placing legs on the furniture, its mobility is improved, since dragging it with this advantage prevents deterioration in it and on the floor.  It should be noted that this also depends on the type of legs that are installed and their material. Some will not be able to withstand such a move.  However, it can be solved with the application of legs with wheels, of course. These will allow the total displacement of the furniture, in a comfortable way and providing aesthetic value to the whole. 

Furniture Leg Adjustment 

If you want to modify the height of your furniture in a simple way and have a range of flexibility to level it, the solution lies in the adjustable legs.  This special type of legs or accessory that can be added to it, generally consists of a base that is adjusted manually and without inconvenience, by means of a bolt. Allowing to modify the height of each edge separately and adapt it to the irregularities of the ground or other factors.  It is important to bear in mind that the tip of this accessory or leg has a silicone or rubber coating, so that it does not affect the finish of the floor. 
Decor  When it comes to decoration, legs can add enormous aesthetic value to furniture and rooms. There is a wide variety with different shapes, finishes and materials, so finding the one that best suits your spaces will not be a difficult task.  If you are looking for a modern look, the metal legs with a chrome finish stand out and provide a homogeneous aesthetic. On the other hand, those made of wood give a warmer appearance.  A properly chosen set of legs elevates the look of your furniture, making it a relevant reason to start using them. 

Furniture legs by Emuca and floor health 

Currently, most of the legs have protectors on their lower tips that prevent scratches due to the movements generated when moving the furniture. This factor is important, since one of the main causes of marks on delicate floors is furniture without this accessory.  These rubber bands could also be placed directly on the furniture. However, by not suspending it, it would be in contact with the ground, increasing its deterioration in the areas of greatest contact. 


Furniture legs are found in many types of materials, some more suitable for specific uses. For example: those made of plastic are very resistant to corrosion, perfect for outdoor spaces, areas of high impact or humidity.  Alternatively, those made of iron have greater shock resistance and tend to support a higher weight. Generally, you can find very sturdy legs with long-lasting durability. 


Furniture legs can offer a very positive contrasting decorative aspect in rooms. However, there is also the option of installing more discreet or hidden models that are not as flashy and do not affect the aesthetics of your home.  Especially for kitchen furniture, there are profile systems that are installed together with the legs of the furniture to hide them with a more uniform finish. 
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Conclusion: furniture legs by Emuca are a mainstay in your home 

Choosing the correct legs for your furniture by Emuca requires time to think about the application, so it is important to take into account the variety of designs, styles, materials and other features. At our shop we have a very diverse catalog of furniture legs. Take a look and contact us if in doubt. 

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