Unit9610 UnitBlack painted1369292414
Unit12810 UnitBlack painted1789290414
Unit16010 UnitBlack painted2109352714
Unit19210 UnitBlack painted2529290314
Unit25610 UnitBlack painted3369290214
LOT961 LOTBlack painted1369174114
LOT1281 LOTBlack painted1889163514
LOT1601 LOTBlack painted2109163614
LOT1921 LOTBlack painted2529163714
LOT2561 LOTBlack painted3069163914
Unit9610 UnitSatin finished nickel1369292451
Unit12810 UnitSatin finished nickel1789352651
Unit12810 UnitSatin finished nickel1889290451
Unit16010 UnitSatin finished nickel2109352751
Unit19210 UnitSatin finished nickel2529290351
Unit22410 UnitSatin finished nickel2749352851
Unit25610 UnitSatin finished nickel3069352951
Unit25610 UnitSatin finished nickel3069290251
Unit32010 UnitSatin finished nickel3809290151
Unit32010 UnitSatin finished nickel3809353051
Unit35610 UnitSatin finished nickel4239353151
Unit38410 UnitSatin finished nickel4649290051
Unit44810 UnitSatin finished nickel5289292551
Unit45610 UnitSatin finished nickel5269353251
Unit51210 UnitSatin finished nickel5929292651
Unit64010 UnitSatin finished nickel7209292751
Unit75810 UnitSatin finished nickel8289353451
Unit7685 UnitSatin finished nickel8489292851
Unit8965 UnitSatin finished nickel9769292951
LOT961 LOTSatin finished nickel1369174151
LOT1281 LOTSatin finished nickel1789169951
LOT1281 LOTSatin finished nickel1789163551
LOT1601 LOTSatin finished nickel2109163651
LOT1921 LOTSatin finished nickel2529163751
LOT2241 LOTSatin finished nickel2749163851
LOT2561 LOTSatin finished nickel3069163951
LOT3201 LOTSatin finished nickel3809164051
LOT3841 LOTSatin finished nickel4649164151
LOT4481 LOTSatin finished nickel5289164251

Product features

  • Made of steel with a┬áblack painted finish.
  • Length 188 mm. Valid for wheelbases (distance between mounting holes) 128 mm.
  • M4 screws for installation included.
  • Diameter of the bar 12 mm.
  • Each lot includes 10 handles, individually packed to avoid scratches and bumps.

The Orlando handle for furniture with a 12 mm diameter is made from steel. It has a modern and contemporary design and can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

It is designed for all types of drawer fronts and cabinet doors. It is an ideal handle for kitchen, bathroom, home and office furniture.

The M4 screw for its installation are included. Each handle is packaged individually in order to prevent knocks and scrapes.


10 handles, mounting screws


Lot of 10 furniture handles Orlando, L188mm, 128mm interaxis, Steel, Black painted

9163514 / 8432393326573