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1 KITSilver painted3503171625
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1 KITSilver painted4503171825
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Product features

  • Kit of fittings needed to assemble an exterior drawer with a height of 178 mm and depth of 350 mm, apart from the front, back and bottom.
  • Sized for a board thickness of 16 mm for the bottom and back of the drawer.
  • Synchronized total extraction runners, with soft closing and load capacity of 40 kg.
  • Adjustment of the front: ±2mm in vertical and ±1mm in horizontal.
  • Made of white painted steel.

Vertex Kit for kitchen and bathroom drawer with all the necessary elements for its assembly. It is the optimal solution for your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe furniture with an elegant design in anthracite gray and white finish. Each kit is made up of all the elements necessary for mounting an external drawer of 178 mm height, sized for a board thickness of 16 mm for the bottom and back of the drawer. Includes: two sides, one set of soft-close runners, one set of covers and drawer front hooks.

The metal sides are made of steel with grey, anthracite grey and white painted finish and allow the drawer front to be adjusted ± 2mm vertically and ± 1mm ​​horizontally. The guides are total extraction with soft closing and allow a maximum load of 40 Kg for the drawer.

You will only need the boards cut to the correct dimensions for the bottom, the back and the front of the drawer.


1 pair of runners, 1 set of sides, 1 set of hooks for frontal drawer, screws


Vertex 40kg External drawer height 178mm, depth 350mm, Steel, White painted

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