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Product features

  • Kit of organisers for bathroom, kitchen or wardrobe drawers available in various sizes and stackable. Adaptable to any type of drawer.
  • The kit consists of 6 buckets of 75x75x54 mm, 3 buckets of 75x151x54 mm and 1 bucket of 153x153x54 mm. The arrangement of the buckets inside the drawer is customised. 
  • Silicone drops (included in the kit) can be added to prevent the buckets from sliding inside the drawer.
  • The buckets are resistant and easy to clean.
  • Made of plastic with a transparent finish.

Discover the new Cube accessories, designed to optimise the organisation of your drawers and keep your belongings always in sight. These bins are specially designed for use in the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe, offering versatility and practicality in every use.

Various sizes of the Cube buckets are available. Depending on the kit selected, you can enjoy different combinations of bin sizes, allowing you to customise the organisation according to your specific needs. In addition, their stackable design allows you to make the most of the space inside the drawer.

To ensure a worry-free experience, each bin comes equipped with silicone beads on its base, preventing any unwanted movement when opening and closing the drawer. Made of durable plastic, the Cube buckets are easy to clean and designed to withstand daily use.

Discover a new way to organise your belongings with Cube bins, where versatility, practicality and durability come together to offer you an exceptional storage solution.


6 buckets of 75x75x54 mm, 3 buckets of 75x151x54 mm, 1 bucket of 153x153x54 mm and 40 silicone beads


Kit of 10 drawer organisers buckets Cube, Plastic, Transparent

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