8 UnitBlack painted24006305614
8 UnitWhite painted24006305612
8 UnitGold anodized24006305666
8 UnitMatt anodized24006305662

Product features

  • Placard H18x12/22 thin-profile crossbar profile.
  • 18 mm thick board.
  • Length of profile 2.35 m
  • Made of aluminum.
  • White painted finish.

The crossbar from the Placard range, model H18x12/22, is used to join several boards together to form a door and therefore offers stability while protecting the edges of the boards.

It is made of Aluminium, a strong and resistant material that does not add weight to the door structure. In addition, the finishing treatments protect it from corrosion and wear.

It is an asymmetrical profile that allows it to be fitted with a 12mm high face for a minimalist design or 22mm for a robust look.


1 crossbar


8 UnitWhite painted25506058212
8 UnitWhite painted29506053612
8 UnitBlack painted25506058214
8 UnitBlack painted29506053614
8 UnitMatt anodized25506058262
8 UnitMatt anodized29506053662
8 UnitWhite painted25506058112
8 UnitWhite painted24006057112
8 UnitWhite painted29506053812
8 UnitBlack painted24006057114
8 UnitBlack painted25506058114
8 UnitBlack painted29506053814
8 UnitMatt anodized25506058162
8 UnitMatt anodized24006057162
8 UnitMatt anodized29506053862
8 UnitGold anodized29506053866

Cross-pieces Placard H18x12/22, 2,35 m, White painted, Aluminium

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